At Sarisbury Church of England Junior School, we firmly believe that children have a right to attend a school in which learning takes place without disruption from other pupils and that praise, positive actions and rewards, best promote our high standards of behaviour. We value and respect all members of our school community and expect all pupils to adhere to ‘The Sarisbury Way’, the school’s Code of Conduct; details of which are contained in our Behaviour Policy below.

‘Behaviour is exemplary because pupils benefit from the common purpose that exists throughout the school. Everybody recognises the importance of learning, and the importance of displaying the Christian values central to the school.’

‘Bullying and any other prejudice-driven behaviour, simply does not concern pupils as they are only interested in finding ways to help each other enjoy school and learn well.‘  Ofsted June 2013

SJS Behaviour Policy – Sept 2017
SJS – Code of Conduct (The Sarisbury Way)
The Sarisbury Learner – in the classroom
The Sarisbury Learner – relationships