Our Curriculum
We aim to offer a stimulating, creative and challenging curriculum that promotes the development of the whole child and offers a wide range of learning opportunities.
Numerous extra curricular activities form an important part of the school’s provision and cater for a wide range of interests.

Our curriculum consists of four core subjects – English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education.

There are six foundation subjects – ICT, Art, Design Technology, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education. The school also provides learning in French in each year group.

Project work, designed to stimulate interest, promote the acquisition of research skills and develop children’s skills in observation, thinking, creativity and an awareness of the outside world, is an important feature of the school’s curriculum. The children have access to excellent learning resources including a superb library and ICT facilities. Learning ‘first hand’ is a key aspect of learning at Sarisbury and therefore, children have access to a wide variety of trips and visitors. Key Learning Skills have been developed to help provide links across the various curriculum subjects.

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