Our aim is to teach children key English skills which allow them to achieve and succeed in all areas of the curriculum. We use the National Curriculum to ensure excellent coverage of speaking and listening, reading and writing and provide a range of interactive, cross-curricular learning experiences.
We encourage pupils to become confident speakers, attentive listeners and excellent communicators. Creative and exciting drama activities, which inspire children to learn, are used in all subject areas. Speaking and listening is a priority and children have many opportunities to extend their performance skills through superb musical shows and drama productions.
Our comprehensive library provides a diversity of excellent books for readers of all abilities at Sarisbury. We have inspiring information books on a variety of subjects and a superb selection of fiction and poetry books by well known authors. Children are taught library skills and learn to access information independently using the Dewey system, giving them ownership of their learning and the confidence to make their own reading choices. During English lessons the children are taught reading skills that enable them to read independently and to have an excellent comprehension of texts. We aim for our pupils to become confident readers who take great pleasure in reading.
To help our pupils progress as writers we read and analyse a wide range of excellent authors and genres. We teach key spelling rules and introduce pupils to vocabulary that allows them to write imaginative and creative texts. Our teaching of sentence structure and grammar encourages pupils to become competent and mature writers. We teach writing skills in all subjects across the curriculum ensuring that writing for our pupils is relevant, meaningful and fun.