The study of history at Sarisbury Junior School is an active, rich and encompassing experience. The children are taught a broad curriculum covering both British and world history, from ancient times to modern day.   Through investigation, they develop enquiry and problem solving skills and also learn how past events have influenced our lives today.
Across the school, year groups adopt a cross-curricular approach with history.  Meaningful links with literacy, art, geography, ICT, music, drama and dance have been made and are constantly being developed.  

Curriculum Map from September 2012:

Year 3
Mary Anning
(significant historical person)
Invaders and Settlers (Butser Hill & Visiting Romans)

Year 4
Ancient Egyptians
(Ashmolean Museum & Egyptian Day)
Titanic (Sea City Museum)

Year 5
World War 2
(D-Day Museum & Evacuation Day)
Ancient Greece (Greek Museum Exhibition & Greek Day)

Year 6
(Hampton Court Palace & Tudor Day)

History is taught in imaginative ways. Visits to educational sites, the use of artefacts and resources, role play, hot seating, living history groups and specialist visitors all enhance and enrich the children’s learning experience.  Each year group makes at least one educational visit linked to history.  There are also theme days in each year group when the children and staff wear costumes linking to their topic and carry out drama activities.