At Sarisbury CE Junior School, we believe that I.C.T. is a vital skill in a constantly evolving technological society. We therefore aim to provide all children with the opportunity to access a rich source of materials through ICT provision. Through a structured and progressive approach to ICT, we aim to help pupils to become knowledgeable about the nature of information available, gain confidence with the range of technology (such as computers, digital and video cameras and tape recorders), and develop the ability to communicate and manipulate information independently in a variety of contexts through the use of control technology, PowerPoint presentations and complicated spreadsheet models. We use I.C.T. across the curriculum as a tool to support and extend teaching and learning. The children are introduced to a wide range of software, hardware and the internet which they are encouraged to access easily, safely and responsibly.
At Sarisbury, the children use ICT to:
Find and interpret information from sources including Internet and CD Roms
Present, develop and organise their ideas through reorganisation of texts, tables, images and sounds
Share information
Work collaboratively
Create test and improve sequences of instructions
Review modify and evaluate their work
Extend their understanding of today’s technology and apply it to everyday situations
Increased capability in the use of ICT promotes independent learning, and children leave Sarisbury Junior School as confident and enthusiastic users of a wide range of ICT technology. The installation of interactive whiteboards in each classroom, alongside a well equipped ICT suite, enable children to access a variety of ICT resources and help bring their learning to life.