The School Council

Sarisbury Junior School has a proactive and effective School Council who are responsible for a number of events and initiatives to make our school a better place to learn. Children are elected by their classmates and work hard to extend the school’s work into the wider community. The School Council are split into three sub teams who lead a variety of different projects throughout the school.

Learning Council
2016/17 members:
Oliver Ball, Kai Capon, James Copestake, Emma Ellis, Tia Goodey, Adam Harrison, Natalie Moras, Jack Nicholls & Isabelle Paget

The Learning council played a key part in designing our ‘Sarisbury Learner’ statement that all children strive for at SJS in order to excel in all aspects of the curriculum. They are involved in various projects that help to enhance how they learn and how others learn.

Projects they have been involved in and are coming up include:

  • Promoting the ‘Sarisbury Learner’ in our classrooms
  • Developing the ‘Sarisbury Learner’ to involve lunchtimes
  • Links with the Infant school to aid their transition


Healthy/Eco Council
2016/17 members:
Michael Bell-Moore, Mia Divers, Olivia Hendry, Archie Misslebrook, Olivia Moore, Harrison Plaw, Maddy Smith & Daisy Williams

The healthy council are, at present, involved in promoting and organising a number of initiatives to aid the school’s fitness and well- being, from healthy food campaigns to sport and fitness activities for the whole school to take part in. This sub team’s focus will include the Eco side of the school in order to get a silver award, in addition to our current bronze award. They are also actively involved in supporting the school’s travel plan.

Projects they have been involved in and are coming up include:

  • promoting and organising the school’s participation in ‘WOW’ – Walk Once a Week
  • helping to ‘Turn Red to Green’ with a variety of ECO initiatives
  • Supporting initiatives in the school’s travel plan

Healthy Schools

The health and well-being of pupils is paramount at Sarisbury, we aim to give pupils opportunities to take part in activities that support and encourage this. The last healthy school’s award was awarded to us in 2012 and we are currently applying to retain this status.

Keep fit Friday club sees the pupils take part in a before school aerobic style work out in order to ‘kick start’ their day and get some exercise.

WoW is a campaign across the school in which children are encouraged to walk to school at least once a week.